Camping On A Budget


Heading away with the family but without a hefty budget? Looking at how to go camping on a budget? Surrounded by natural beauty and excellent amenities, Kiama is the ultimate place for not only relaxation but also budget-friendly getaways. Here are our top tips for keeping your costs down during your stay.


Plan ahead and cook the majority of your meals before you leave. Not only will this free you up for more beachside action, it’ll also keep costs down because you won’t be going back and forth to the supermarket for fresh produce. Make big batches of stir fries, pastas and muffins and pack them in frozen portions. If you need to take along herbs, spices and condiments, pre-package a small portion of the ones you already have into small containers. Avoid the inevitable service station ice cream sugar rush and instead prepare healthy trail mixes in bags for the kids – both big and small.


Stay close to the action. You won’t need to worry about petrol prices when you leave your car at your campsite and set off on foot to your activities. Kiama is surrounded by natural beauty, so it’s the ideal location for families to seek adventure nearby. Spend a day at the beach building sandcastles and surfing, opt for a leisurely or challenging hike, or wander around town checking out the parks, boutiques and abundance of gourmet delights.


True campers don’t need a lot of equipment. For a family of four, you’ll simply need a 4-6 person tent, camp mats or air beds, folding chairs, sleeping bags and a basic cooler. You’ll have everything else within your home, and find exceptional amenities at your Kiama Coast Holiday Park. Remember, you’re getting back to basics so you want to feel a little out of your comfort zone. For extra accessories, check out budget stores such as Kmart and Rays Outdoors. Or, if you’re not regular campers (yet), you could always ask your friends or family to borrow their equipment for your first adventure.


Sure, there’s iPads and drones wherever you turn these days, but the beauty of camping is checking out of the digital world and in touch with nature. Show your little loves how you did it back in your day, and watch as they make their own memories. Buy (or borrow) a couple of board games, pick up a few packets of marshmallows, and pack an instrument or two and entertain yourselves for hours around your campsite.


The best things in life are free. Being together as a family and using your imagination and building new skills is what camping is all about. Round up the crew and go and collect firewood to build your marshmallow-melting domain, and rug up and sit under the sky stargazing at night. This is particularly breathtaking for little ones who live under city skies. Make sure you have a few of your childhood games up your sleeve. We’re sure your kids would love to hear what kept you entertained when you were their age.