How to make your own toys on holidays

At Kiama Coast Holiday Parks we always try to invent ways to make your holiday even more fun. Lets learn how to make your own toys whilst on holidays. Beat the dreaded cries of holiday boredom by giving your little ones the rewarding task of making their new favourite toy. Not only will they get a new distraction, they’ll also keep busy while making their clever creation. Here’s five of our top picks you can make together at your campsite or cabin.

Newspaper Kite

Finished with that newspaper? Give it a new life as a kite. Collect two long straight sticks, and use string to tie them into a cross – the horizontal one should be longer. Trace your string around the ends of the sticks, creating a diamond shape. Cut a pattern out of your newspaper to match the shape of your frame, allowing an inch or two along the sides so you can fold the edges over your string and glue in place. Tie a long piece of string to the bottom of the kite, and decorate with colourful paints, ribbons or light craft accessories. Take it for a spin on Seven Mile Beach.

Sublime Slime

For the messier of your bunch. Brew up your own science experiment with this slimy – yet natural – recipe. Mix a 400g tin of condensed milk and one tablespoon of cornstarch together in a saucepan over low heat. Keep stirring until it thickens to a slime consistency, before adding a couple of drops of desired food colouring – and glitter, if you want to get a little fancy. Allow to cool completely before digging in. If it’s still too sticky, add a drop or two of baby oil. Fun to play at Kendalls Beach Holiday Park with your slime.

Upcycled Dollhouses

Got cardboard? Your little one has got a designer home for their dolls. Collect old shoeboxes, egg cartons and packing boxes of all sizes to construct your new abode. Make it a complete construction process by firstly mapping out the desired design, then get all hands on deck to build the beauty before finally letting imaginations run wild with the fabulous finishing touches. A scrapbooking or craft kit from Officeworks or Kmart will have great textures and colours, and old clothes or material offcuts will make beautiful bedding and blinds. Dig out your wrapping paper cutoffs for lovely wallpaper throughout. Set up your dolls house at Kiama Harbour Cabins.

Walking Stick

Chances are you’re going to be out and about exploring our serene natural setting. But before you embark on your pick of the Kiama Coastal Walk, organise for the kids to make their own walking stick. Send them off to salvage their own fallen stick, and set up a space where they can decorate to their hearts’ desire. They can paint the wood in their favourite colours and patterns, add feathers and beads, or glue on googly eyes to bring theirs to life. It’s a walk in the park, really from Werri Beach Beach Holiday Park.

Bouncy Balls

A bouncy ball is the basis for many a campsite game – and they only take five minutes and some basic ingredients to make. Mix half a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of Borax in a cup. In another cup, mix two tablespoons of white liquid glue, one tablespoon of cornstarch and food colouring. Pour this mixture into the first cup. You’ll notice the concoction hardening after 10 seconds. Use a fork to take it out of the water, roll the mixture in your hands to make a ball – and your little ones are ready to bounce all around Surf Beach Holiday Park.