Safety At The Beach – Kiama Holiday Parks

Keep your cool this sunny season and keeping you safe this summer. Safety at the beach is really important when holidaying at Kiama Holiday Parks.

Be ready to stay cool – and safe – when the heat hits this season. Here’s our round-up of what to pack, ways to cool off, and how to keep your family safe in the water during a scorching Aussie summer.

In the bag

First things first, you’ll need breathable fabrics. The sun is intense in Australia, so you’re bound to feel the heat. Think natural fibres like linen and cotton, and add rayon threads to the kit too. Flip flops and sandals are handy for trips to and from the beach, and bring along a pair of enclosed hiking shoes or sneakers so you can check out our beautiful surrounding walks in Kiama. Invest in a hat that covers your ears, good quality sunglasses and a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen to save your skin.

Cool it

While the beach will likely be your first stop on a hot day, there’s plenty of other ways to cool down in Kiama. Tickle your tastebuds with an iced treat at Licked Gelateria or head indoors for an iced coffee or milkshake at one of our many great coffee shops. Stick to the shade and roll out a picnic rug and indulge in a good book – and plenty of water – or use the heatwave to pop into some of our gorgeous air conditioned boutiques for a special souvenir. At night, take the fly off your tent for a breezy, mozzie-free evening with the added romance of a clear view of the starry night sky.

Water wisdom

Royal Life Saving Society Australia recently released their top eight tips to keep yourself, family and friends safe around water:

  • Always wear a lifejacket when fishing, boating or using a watercraft.
  • Supervise children at all times around water. Stay close and within arm’s reach.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol around water. They can delay your reaction time, inhibit your ability to assess risk and affect swimming ability.
  • Be aware of medical conditions and their impact around water. Know your limits, have regular check-ups with your doctor, treat conditions and don’t swim alone.
  • Check conditions before heading out on the water. When swimming check for currents and rips before entering the water.
  • Don’t take risks around water. Cliff jumping, diving from bridges, and reckless behaviour on boats can result in permanent injury or death.
  • Always swim between the flags. If you get into trouble, stay calm and attract attention by raising your arm above your head.
  • Learn CPR and first aid so you can provide vital treatment in the event of an emergency. Resuscitation can mean the difference between life and death.